The Ups and Downs of the Pop-Up | David Santos

Class Description:

Ah, the pop-up—spur-of-the-moment, dynamic, renegade—seemingly the perfect route for young, high-energy chefs looking to disrupt the dining scene and make their mark. But is it the right path for you? Chef David Santos, who opened Louro restaurant, has some stories and insights that may help you decide.

During this class, he’ll tell his story, from what inspired him to open Louro’s doors to the business and financial goals that drove him day-to-day. He’ll also give us an update on what life is like post pop-up so be sure to drop in.


Class Outline:


  • Intro

    • Um Segredo Supper Club

    • NY Times

  • Goals

    • Growing through marketing partnerships

    • Financial sustainability

    • Finding investors for the next project

  • Changing the dynamic of the dining experience

    • Enter the Chef

    • Interaction with Guests

    • Instant Feedback

  • A new opportunity

    • Partnership Terms

    • Crowdfunding

    • Reviving the Supper Club

  • The Economics of a Pop-Up

    • Finding a space

    • Pricing the menu

  • The Operations of a Pop-Up

    • Word of Mouth and PR

    • Relationships

    • Time Management

    • Food Utilization

  • Take-Aways

    • Connecting with Guests

    • Realistic Goals

    • New Relationships

Educator Bio:

David Santos was immersed in every aspect of food since a young age as the son of Portuguese immigrants. Food remained the backbone of family life thanks to his mother’s garden and fruit trees and his father’s homemade wine. After excelling at baseball throughout high school, Santos turned to the culinary arts and graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2001.

Driven by the same over-achieving characteristics that served him well in baseball, Santos took his culinary training to the next level, working at Bouley and Per Se, as well as at New Jersey’s most acclaimed restaurants: Nicholas and The Ryland Inn.  “At Bouley it was all about the survival and performing under the most extreme conditions,” Santos says.  “I have the utmost respect for Bouley’s sauce work, and my sauces are quite influenced by him today.  Thomas Keller taught me everything about organization and quality.  Per Se exudes everything that is beautiful about food and dining out.”

By launching Um Segredo, a series of supper clubs hosted at his Roosevelt Island home, Santos established his own culinary voice and quickly developed a cult following.  In 2012, he opened Louro in the West Village to much acclaim.



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Recorded Date: 03/29/16