Stop Micromanaging! Alternatives for Effective Leadership | Kate Edwards

Class Description:

How many of you give one of your staff members a task only to get frustrated and then take it over yourself? This, my friends, is micromanaging and it is damaging your team’s ability to improve their skills and excel in their role. In order to give up micromanaging, you must start with awareness and then build a plan to help you empower your staff. Kate Edwards will be teaching a  practical and interactive class that will answer your questions and offer solutions you can use every day.


Class Outline:

  • What is Micromanagement

    • Definition

    • Why do we feel the need

  • Discomfort, Fear and Anxiety

    • The Source of Micromanagement

  • The Cycle of Micromanagement

    • Conquering Fear

  • Both Sides of Micromanagement

    • Things you might feel

    • The experience for the team

    • Common Misconceptions

    • Micro vs Macro

    • Do’s and Don’ts of Micromanagement

  • Considerations

Additional Document Description:


Micromanaging Worksheet

Educator Bio:

Kate Edwards has 28 years of experience in restaurants and hospitality, including time at some of the most celebrated restaurants in New York City, such as Balthazar and Per Se. Kate built her consulting business in 2007 and recently published her first book, Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters.



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Recorded Date: 03/19/2016