Evolving your Menu by Exploring your Roots | Jonathan Wu

Class Description:

Where are you going, where have you been? Each day, more and more New York restaurants are popping up with menus that reflect their chefs’ heritages: Noreetuh, Uncle Boons, Khe Yo, Shalom Japan, Okonomi—the list could go on. Fung Tu, a Chinese-American restaurant in the Lower East Side is all about capturing hometown flavor, and Chef Jonathan Wu has a lot to say on the subject. He’ll be joining us at the Colab to share his perspective on New Yorkers’ palates, his culinary philosophy, and the specific techniques he uses which blend his Chinese roots with his formal French training.


Class Outline

  • Intro

    • Originality and Soulfulness

  • Hometown Cooking Culture

    • Grandma’s Toon Leaves

    • Savory Meringue

    • Fried Dates

    • Fung Tu Food - both American and Chinese

  • The Business of a Menu

    • What are the things that people love - BBQ, Pizza, Wings, Meatballs

    • This isn’t a temple, this is a restaurant

    • Life after the NYT Review

    • If there rent is too damn high, there is nothing that can be done

    • I needed to find money

  • Menu Inspirations

    • The Cuisine of China

  • The Business has Hardened Me

    • Smashmouth Cuisine

    • Salt, Fat and Sugar

Educator Bio:

Jonathan Wu received a degree in English from the University of Chicago in 2001. Upon graduation, he decided to pursue his passion for food and embarked on an intense period of culinary study. He attended The French Culinary Institute and has worked in France, Spain, and Italy. In New York, he was previously the executive sous chef of Geisha before working as a chef de partie at Per Se. At Fung Tu, Jonathan Wu serves American Chinese food that combines home-cooked flavors with seasonal, regional ingredients.



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Recorded Date: 03/28/16