Knowing and Keeping Your Regulars | Sam Lipp

Class Description: 

What are we? Where is this going? Who else are you seeing? Ah, the age-old relationship talk . . . only we’re talking about the relationship you have with your regulars. Recognizing, cultivating, and keeping regulars coming back is an art form that Sam Lipp, Managing Partner of Union Square Café, knows well. After leading one of New York’s most beloved restaurants since 2011, we’re confident Sam is exactly the person we want showing us the way. Sam will be breaking down how to connect the dots, as well as teaching us how to properly train staff to build their own relationships with true lasting potential. 

Class Outline:

  • Introduction
    • Defining "regular"
    • Finding commonality
  • Personal Skills
    • Do it for the love
    • Be present
    • Learning to listen
    • Shake your groove thang
  • Team Training
    • What does winning look like
    • Using systems to assist
    • Have an opinion
  • Generate Buzz
    • Empower your team to build their own relationships with guests
    • Arm your team for war
  • Q&A
    • Our room was filled with killer people just like you. Sam led an additional 15 minutes of Q&A on the topic. Have a question of your own? Email us at

Educator Bio:

At the age of 12, Sam cooked his first meal – a multi-course Christmas dinner for ten, complete with a roast leg of lamb. It was pretty clear from that point forward that his destiny lay in the food world. At 16, he entered the restaurant industry, moving from dishwasher to prep cook to busboy to host at his neighbor’s Italian restaurant, Pasta per Tutti. From there, Sam left his native city of Madison, WI, attended Cornell University and graduated with a degree from the School of Hotel Administration, where he came to teach a cooking class and create a popular wine club called Vinophiles Anonymous. More…

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Recorded Date: 03/10/2016