Giving Feedback to your Team | Kate Edwards

Class Description:

Giving feedback is at the heart of helping your team learn, grow, and improve. Yet so many managers shy away from giving feedback because it is a skill they have never learned or mastered. In this class, we will talk about the barriers to engaging with your team and share methods for improving this important skill. This class is for those who want to increase their comfort with giving feedback in order to improve their own management and leadership skills.


Class Outline:

  • Feedback Overiew

    • What is it? and Why is it important?

  • Methods

    • Timed

    • Spontaneous

    • In Person / Written

    • Self Assessment

  • Do’s & Don’ts

    • Do's

      • Be Specific, Watch Your Body Language, Encourage Dialogue, Focus on the Positive

    • Don'ts

      • Confuse, Minimize, Make it a Sandwich (Good/Bad/Good), Use Failure or Mistake

  • Thoughtful Considerations

    • Exploring the Nuances

    • Feedback Cheat Sheet

  • Roundup & Discussion


Educator Bio:

Kate Edwards has 28 years of experience in restaurants and hospitality, including time at some of the most celebrated restaurants in New York City, such as Balthazar and Per Se. Kate built her consulting business in 2007 and recently published her first book, Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters.



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Recorded Date:

Originally recorded on 02/16/2016