Building Websites That Work | Krystle Mobayeni

Class Description:

Your website should be an extension of your restaurant. So how do you deliver the same experience online and in person? In this class, you will learn best practices for improving the mobile experience, anticipating your online guests’ needs, and using your website to grow your restaurant and make money.


Class Outline:

  • Introduction

  • The Basics

    • Getting the fundamentals correct

    • Location & hours

    • Banners

    • Photography

  • Navigation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices

    • Location, Menus, and Reservations/Online Ordering make up over 60% of the clicks on a restaurant website

  • Mobile Best Practices

    • More than 50% of restaurant web visitors are on a mobile device.

  • Menu Best Practices

    • What’s the best format for your menu? PDF or HTML?

  • Online Forms

    • Forms get 4x more interaction than an email address

  • Driving Revenue

    • Your website has the potential to drive revenue with a higher profit margin than a physical brick and mortar.

  • Q&A

Educator Bio:

Krystle Mobayeni is the Co-Founder and CEO of BentoBox, a platform for restaurants to connect with their customers online. In her 12 years of experience as a digital designer, Krystle has worked with iconic brands like British Airways, Adobe, William Grant & Sons and others.



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Recorded Date: 05/04/2016