At the Pass: Worst. Decision. Ever. Part 2

All of us—by the very nature of what we wake up and do each day—are innovators. The pass is that distinct place where we meet. It is an essential point of contact where kitchen and dining room, cook and server collaborate to make their ideas a reality.
At the Pass provides a stage for our diverse community to present different perspectives on an important topic.
On this installment of At the Pass: How did you overcome the worst decision you’ve ever made?
  • Gail Simmons, TV Personailty and Food Writer
  • Ana Dane, Co-Founder, In Pursuit of Tea
  • Abram Bissell, Executive Chef, The Modern
  • Gail Simmons, TV Personailty and Food Writer
  • Gabe Stulman, Owner, Happy Cooking Hospitality
Record Date:
  • 04/25/2016